About ORM Tech Ammunition

We started our shop with the premise that we could produce ammunition in bulk that closely mirrored the quality and care found in a handloaded cartridge. Our goals were simple -  produce clean burning range ammunition, soft shooting competition ammunition and small batch special purpose rounds.

Once focused, we found ourselves opening shop in Fridley, MN, a northern suburb of the Twin Cities. Early succeses with law enforcement, local shops and small ranges provided us the headroom to ramp up production and focus our attention on competition and special purpose lines. 

Today we are producing some of the finest and cleanest ammunition on the market. We are by no means the biggest guy on the block. Our current size of operation affords us the near perfect balance of cost and quality which we will never sacrifice.

To all of you, from all of us at ORM - Thank you and Happy Shooting!

  • ORM Tech Ammunition
  • 51 77th Avenue NE
  • Fridley, MN 55421
  • brandan@ormtechco.com
  • 612.385.3335

Brandan Ostroot